Company Projects

  • We are currently looking into an expansion that would increase our storage capabilities at our facility. this would allow us to provide our customers with more storage for painted steel.

Were in the business of saving customers money.

We participate in many different types of projects such as beautification, new and existing erected buildings, maintenance and more. Our goal is to save the customer money in the long run by providing the highest quality service at a reasonable price. We always strive to provide the customer with the best value.


Our Offices are located on the old channel of the Tennessee River. We are situated where we can receive shipments by truck, barge and rail. Our blast yard operation enables us to turn our large quantities of blasting with relative ease. 

Featured Project

Currently we Mobilized on a tank exterior beautification project for one of our regular customers. This project will take about a month to complete and requires a lot of specialized equipment and processes due to the size of the tank. 

Project Gallery