• Lead abatement
  • Abrasive blasting (sand, water, steel shot, etc.)
  • Inorganic and zink coatings
  • Tank linings and exteriors
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastics
  • Fire-retardant paints
  • Pipe linings
  • Concrete floor repair and coating

About Us

Nelson Service Group, Inc. has been in the painting and coatings business for over 40 years. We are located in downtown Florence, Alabama just across from the Port Authority. We do alot of mobilized work at customers facilities we are licensed and insured to operate anywhere in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Now Hiring!!!


We're a versatile company having both industrial and commercial capabilities. We preform diverse services for many Utility Departments, Municipalities, Steel Fabricators, Chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, food process industries,  water and sewage disposal plants and many others. 

Our Customers

Here at Nelson Service Group, we are very fortunate to have a very diverse and loyal group of regular customers. However, we are always happy to add new ones. We strive to provide the best possible customer service experience for every customer no matter how big or small. We instruct our employees to treat every customer as if they are our most important. We regularly deal with customers from municipalities, utilities companies, chemical plants, Manufacturing plants, General Contractors, Fabricators, Small businesses, and even a few direct consumers. 

Nelson Service Group, A Safe place to work

At Nelson Service Group, Safety is key. We realize that our employees are the life blood of our company. we provide them with any safety equipment necessary and training to keep them and everyone else safe on our job sites. We work closely with the Tennessee Valley Training Center and Alabama Associated General Contractors Association to Minimize risk. Our supervisors hold toolbox safety meeting weekly to discuss safety concerns and risk management, as well as informal safety discussion on a regular basis throughout the week. We strive to provide our employees with everything they need to succeed and be safe.